Introduction to Threader

by Richard Taylor : 2018-11-02

Having spent a lot of time playing with different blogging sites and self-hosted tools, I decided that none of them did what I want.

Basically because I don't want the tool to do very much. Linking pages together "in order" and creating an index. That is about it. HTML is fine as a format for me. I don't want to learn a new markup or markdown language. I don't want to struggle through countless menus to find the command to centre a column in a table.

Of course, I may be in a tiny minority here. People may say "writing raw HTML in the 2010s is like writing machine code in the 2000s" ... and actually I did write some machine code in the 2000s too :-)

Anyway, take it or leave it, the code is on github for anyone that is curious about why this website looks weird.

And whilst it does not really need much documentation, this thread is here as a test ground for trying out the code. Which is why I have split it into several pages rather than putting it all onto one as I would otherwise have done.