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Barton. Southampton. Bath. Guildford.

Science and Engineering

In 1992 I published my PhD thesis titled "Colour Object Recognition Using Shape-based Aspects" at Southampton University. I was a scientist! After a post-doc at Bath University I found that full-time academic jobs were really thin on the ground. Instead of hanging around in poorly paid temporary positions, I went out into industry... never to return.

See my github projects or read my threads if you want to know how much spare time I have had recently.

Rubik's Cube

Both of my children are speedcubers and I have been to many competitions as a spectator and supporter. In 2015 I got bounced into competing but, as you can see from my official cubing record, I wasn't very good. With some practise I have managed to get a bit faster and recorded a 27.41 second solve at the Fontwell Open 2019.

An official sub-30 average is my goal.


There are many people called Richard Taylor. Some of them are famous. I am not one of the famous ones. Here are a few more clues in case you think you might know me.

Places I have worked include:

And I am a member of Charlotteville CC.

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